Nescafe carob avocado pudding


This is my second post featuring Nescafe and this time I wanted to create a recipe using the Nescafe Gold Almond Macchiato. The beautiful green box made me create a healthy pudding you can enjoy by preference in the first part of the day (due to the coffee in it). You have certainly already tried avocado in desserts, especially if you know how healthy avocado is. But if you love the taste of coffee, you would also love this pudding. I especially love carob combined to cacao powder, but carob makes also a good pair with maca. Maca, so known for restoring the hormonal balance, and carob, with its amount of calcium would make this coffee pudding a healthier one.

It’s lovely to enjoy in the morning when you need that coffee boost and it also makes an interesting breakfast for a change. The Nescafe brings that coffee flavor and taste we sometimes so long for. I personally loved it without any added syrup as the Nescafé is already sweetened, but my husband and the girls needed some more sweetness.

For 2-3 small portions:

160 gr (half of a cup) rice milk

1-2 Nescafe Gold Almond Macchiato portions

2 avocado’s

6TbSp (45gr) carob powder

1TbSp (8gr) cacao powder

1TbSp (8gr) maca powder

2-3 TbSp honey/dates syrup

In a blender, first mix mix firts the milk with the Nescafé powder for some seconds. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend well. When serving, drizzle some syrup on the pudding, or some maca for a beautiful contract or some almonds for a crunchy texture.

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