The winter soaps

It’s already end december and I haven’t posted any soaps lately. The time flew and this month the days pass incredibly quickly. Some soaps are always more close to my heart than others. Like these kids soaps. It’s always such a joy to offer a soap like this. Small, round, with calendula petals or mud…

What can I add to my soap?

This is the question I got asked everytime during my soap workshops! What can I add to my homemade soap to make it look nice? Anything! I would say anything but let’s define it. The moment you make soaps is a creative process. Beside the formula and the chemistry part, making soap is a lovely…

My Veganuary Soaps

I hope it’s not too late to wish you a magical 2020, without hospital visits, but with loads of travels to new destinations and lots of encounters with your loved ones! Here are some of the soaps made lately during my soap workshops.

October soaps

Normally in october I always would start my Christmas soaps, but this year was a little bit different. I hope november will be a month of Xmas soaps, as this is always so lovely to create some green/red soaps. These soaps were made using Fermented Wheat Bran I received from a lovely friend who came…

Natural Soap Making Workshop in Belgium

I am kind of obsessed about taking pics and the days I make soaps it’s all about magic home. The smell, the colors, the flowers on top, the imperfect edges, the cacao line.. everything makes the photography moment special. P.S If you live in Belgium and would love to learn how to make soaps, you…

Zero waste soaps

Some #zerowaste soaps which made 2018 a cleaner and a more beautiful one.

So many soaps, so little time

Thank you for being here and for all your support, encouragement, comments this past year. Wishing you much love, good health and grace for 2017!