My favorite links

I am frequently asked about my favorite adresses/links in Belgium, so I will put them here. They helped me in a way so this may also help you.

  • – my place where I go to everytime I am not feeling well. Thanks to bioenergetic balance (method combining traditional Chinese medicine and quantum physics), Daela proposes the harmonization and rebalancing of vital energies using natural products with a high vibratory quality (essential oils, herbal medicine, homeopathy, minerals, chromoterapy etc). A recommendation with lots of health benefits.
  • – has become my favorite place to get my healthy skin care products. I stopped making my own creams once I discovered how good these products are. Minimalistic, eco packagings, good quality ingredients, fresh and made in small batches – so many reasons to stop searching for other creams/products.
  • – my online bio shop where many years ago I bought my Vitamix, my Omega Juicer. It’s been my favorite bio supplier for oils, vinegars and so many other foods.