This season’s soaps


Long time no soaps or food here, because 2022 year was such a hectic one. But I didn’t give up my hobbies, so here I am with the latest soaps made last year, hoping this would inspire you to create something #zerowaste too.

A soap I haven’t made in years: aleppo soap. No, this wasn’t made with as much laurier oil as a traditional aleppo soap is made of (20% bay of laurier oil), but it was still one of my favorite additive in soap last year. Love it’s ‘brut’ flagrance, I only wish laurier oil was cheaper to make it more often 🙂

A soap so loved here because it contains honey and goji, but also because it was decorated with the dried flowers collected by my friend Alex in Germany and sent to me.

Another goji soap (the middle orange layer) with some lavender flagrance!

My number one soap in my preference list because it was decorated with flowers found in a local market in Baku, Azerbaijan, our summer holiday destination from last summer. Lavender and coconut milk make always a good pair in soap.

Matcha soap! It’s been a while I used matcha powder in a soap!

It looks like I really missed taking pics of my soaps!

Some Xmas colored soap too 🙂

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  1. How lovely to see your blog post pop up in my email! The algorithm on IG doesn’t show your posts often and I forget to look for them. I’m glad I’m subscribed to your blog so I can still see your stunning soaps and photography! ❤️

    1. Natalia says:

      Thank you so much, Teresa! Wishing you a gorgeous 2023 year!

  2. julicu says:

    Just beautiful! Happy new year, Natalia! ❤

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