Handmade soaps?

Yes, please!

Do you want to learn a beautiful hobby but also to use clean zero-waste soaps? I know you do!

Say good-bye to store bought soaps and create your own soaps for you and for those close to you!

Yes, I want the e-book!

How about to create some time for yourself starting to make your own soaps but also create something for your family?

When making soaps…

  1. You are making a clean product to wash your body.
  2. You have control over the ingredients used and can choose the best ones for you.
  3. You are interested in a sustainable living.
  4. You create some magic home.
  5. ..and also some therapy for yourself.

More than that:  you are creating homemade presents for the ones around you!

Think about it:

  • You don’t have to be stressed about reading the ingredients of other soaps, you can choose what ingredients to use.
  • You feel free as you don’t have to run to the shop to get a new soap which may contain some toxic ingredients.
  • You can use your soap to wash all body: from face to feet without thinking too much as you know exactly what’s in (clean stuff).
  • Everyone will wonder how can you create such beautiful soaps (and presents) with such ingredients.

Start making healthy soaps (and enjoy some natural perfume in the bathroom)!


I want the e-book!

What are you getting through this e-book:

30 soap recipes with other ingredients than just water.

Soap made with interesting drinks, savory or some sweet add. All the ingredients ever imagined have been used here to create some different special soaps!

The explained way, with images, on how to make cold processed soaps.

+ Some good advice regarding the ingredients, the formula’s, the golden tips on how to succeed in making the perfect soap for you.

My personal story on how making soaps changed my life.

My reasons why you should also start making soaps and inspire those around you!

Ok, I want this book too!

Hi, my name is Natalia.

I love to offer presents around me and soaps are ones of the most beautiful presents.

My soaps are the result of my desire to get closer to nature and to take care of us in a simple, clean way. I make them in small batches and I love each ingredient I use. I make them with my hands, but also with my heart! This makes my soaps look humble and elegant.

Let’s have a quick look at the e-book!

30 soap recipes which look good enough to eat!