The winter soaps

It’s already end december and I haven’t posted any soaps lately. The time flew and this month the days pass incredibly quickly.

Some soaps are always more close to my heart than others. Like these kids soaps. It’s always such a joy to offer a soap like this. Small, round, with calendula petals or mud powder.

Coconut milk soap with dried rose petals. So happy to finally find some so perfumed and good looking rose petals.

Beer and coconut milk soap.

Black clay and mud soap.

Rice milk/kaolin soap.

Or these coconut milk/red palm, honey soaps with eucalyptus leaves.

Of this annato seeds/coconut milk soap which is my favorite, I think.

Açai powder with aloe vera and cocont milk, with a citrus scent of pomplemousse and orange!

Black clay soap: making layer soap is one of my favorite part of soaping!

Of course I had to make some Christmas soaps, like every year, I hope you like them!

Wishing you all a beautiful end of this 2020 year and a 2021 full of lovely surpise, joy, travelling, a good health and much love.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy says:

    Your soaps are all lovely. To avoid the botanicals from pulling a line through your soap you can simply cut from the bottom or side.

  2. Verena says:

    Where can I bay your soap?


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