Soaps from Japan

Who doesn’t like to exchange soaps ? Everybody does ! Exchanging soaps with others contributes not only to discover natural products from other parts of the worlds, but also to enrich your soaping experience. Trying other soaps gives the opportunity to experience soapmaking from another perspective: it tells a lot about how good you are , how much work there is etc.

When Mika came with the idea of a swap with someone from Japan, I was more than excited. I only knew 2 Japanese soapers at that time( Mika and Ayu) and their soaps are so close to perfection.

I was paired with Chika living in Ibaraki, Japan. We exchanged some emails and I discovered through her messages a very nice person, addicted to soaps. Pretty in terms of packaging, the 4 different soaps I received were accompanied by a lovely Hello Kitty stamp. I was so curious to unwrap them all.

Shiunko soap( I had to look up for this term : Shiunko is a Chinese traditional ointment used for treating burns and scalds, and mainly consists of Lithospermum Radix( alkanet), Angelica Radix, Sesame oil, and Wax) scented with menthol, orange essential oil and violet fragrance oil.

Camellia soap made of camellia oil and aloe butter (wow, such a precious soap!) and aloe powder, scented with Rose frangrance oil.

Camomille soap made of camomile powder, red palm oil, lard, sunflower oil, honey.

My favourite soap is the Unscented Shell Ginger Soap. So elegant this sweet green given by the shell ginger plant. This soap made me go to the Japanese shop here to find some fresh ginger !

Thank you Chika for being my partner in this swap. I was spoiled by your nice rich soaps coming from so far!

Thanks Mika you too for organizing this cross border friendship.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    Chika’s soaps are gorgeous! I love the detail on the soap tops. I’ve thought about getting a fondant mat to do something similar. I’ll bet the ginger soap smells wonderful – I love ginger anything!

  2. michele says:

    Quel merveilleux swap!

  3. missrimel says:

    J’adore, bravo!! Quelles réalisations magiques 😉

  4. Nikki Snyder says:

    What a neat idea! The soaps are gorgeous!!!

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