Alegria Mediteranea

I am proud to present the soaps received from Claudia.
It is a fantastic feeling to hold in my hands the soaps I have so long admired on Claudia‘s blog :).

What impressed me the most about these soaps was the wrapping: Claudia puts so much love and energy in packing her soaps: beautiful colours which go very well together with the soap ingredients, excellent quality of paper which keeps the soaps dry, lovely labeling. Simply… perfect. I was so curious to unwrap them all.

The green soap, made of olive oil, Salvia infused in olive oil, sunflower oil , avocado oil, shea butter, Vit. E,contains parsley for the colour. The ones who make soaps and love natural ingredients know that this plant helps soothing the skin. Scented with almizcle( musk) fragrance, this soap is a journey for the one who has exotic tastes.
The second soap was the beautiful Black soap which is really special. The combination of Vetiver and Ylang-Ylang fragrance is really good, Claudia, I like Ylang-Ylang a lot and Vetiver I used only for my husband roll-on, but your combination makes a nice elegant soap and I will try it for sure .
The third soap is a simple soap, unscented. I am fan of free fragrance soaps, so this one was the first one I started to use.
Made of fresh and luxurious ingredients, I can confirm that these soaps are a real pleasure for the skin. The soaps make a lot of lather, the lovely shape is really easy to use and the soaps last really long. Accompanied by lovely fragrances, the passion and love Claudia puts in making her soaps is without any doubt transferred to the one who uses her products. Thank you so much Claudia for this present. You made my summer with your natural ingredients soaps and your lovely ‘In love’ lip balm.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Natalia ,what a beautiful morning !
    THANK YOU for such a nice words!YOU MADE MY DAY !
    My favorite is the simple one with natural color, unscented, because hydrates my skin so well…
    Dear Natalie,you’ve sent me a precoius gift ,the Alkanet .
    You was very generous with me so this is my way of saying thanks!
    I wish you a great day!
    Much LOVE and thousands of kisses!!!

  2. vert citron says:

    oh le jolie colis!! j’adore le noir! mais j’aime aussi quand ils sont simples meme si moi, je ne les fais jamais simples!! ^^

  3. Jenny says:

    Claudia’s soaps are beautiful! I especially love the black bar with the specks. Looks like you have lots of lovely soap to enjoy!

  4. Gabi says:

    Hai, Natalia, acum e randul tau sa scoti un nou produs pe piata! eu votez pt cel cu lapte de capra…

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