Celery Soap

 Green is one of my favourite colours. The first green in soap I obtained  using netel  powder , afterwards I discovered spirulina as a natural colorant but the colour seems to fade away slightly after a while. This time I wanted to try green juice from celery, a  healthy plant which contains vitamin C, A and potassium. Celery is a hydrating food due to the high amount of water which it contains. Vitamin C and A present in celery juice are beneficial in curing minor cuts and skin wounds.  Celery juice helps to keep the skin well hydrated and prevents premature wrinkles and creases. My celery soap contains: coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, olive oil, cacao botter, calendula oil, castor oil,  fresh celery juice diluated with goatmilk and Hô Wood essential oil.  The sweet and warm aroma, similar to rosewood, changes this oil into an aphrodisiac. Hô wood essential oil is also said to be anti-bacterial remedy, it is also used for treating muscle pains and skin deseases. 

So far I am really fascinated by this natural green.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Natalie and welcome back!Hope you had a very good time in your vacation.
    Well, a soap with fresh celery juice sound so good.
    You now what?! this fresh celery juice is part of my diet and belive me is something miraculous, because after I drink it I have some magical powers (much energy and high spirits)so I can imagine this soap is just WONDERFUL!
    Enjoy it!

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Thanks Claudia! Yes, indeed we had a very nice holiday in the Balkan. I am glad you also like this juice, I wish I drank it more often :).

  2. Maja says:

    Hey Nat,
    welcome back to your blog!
    To be honest, I’ve never heard before anyone make a celery soap. I just wonder what if there is anything that soap can NOT be made of, ha,ha? It seems every vegetable can go into soap,not only into our stomacks!
    The coulor is beautiul, let us know if this soap makes any difference in the shower!

  3. Cee says:

    Gorgeous green color, what a great idea!

  4. Jenny says:

    Beautiful soap, Natalia! The green is lovely. I never thought to use celery juice in soap, but it sounds like a wonderful ingredient. Great job!

  5. Gordana says:

    What a beautiful soaps. Thank you for the idea!

  6. Geta says:

    Ce idee buna ai avut sa pui suc de telina in sapun, cred ca o sa lase o piele fina si catifelata. Si eu beau suc de telina, e foarte bun, da multa energie si mentine tensiunea arteriala in limite normale.

  7. Nitya says:

    Such a gorgeous green you got Natalia! I love green soap too. 🙂

  8. Hi Natalia,
    I never before thought of using celery juice in soap but the color of your soap is so beautiful that I might make some soon.
    Thank you for the idea!

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Thank you Maya!
      I like to discover new ingredients.
      Moreover, I see in almost everything a potential ingredient for my soaps :).

  9. That is so creative, and it gives such an earthy color to the soap. 🙂

  10. vert citron says:

    un savon au celeri! quelle bonne idée! je n’y aurai pas pensé!! l’odeur se sent dans le savon?

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Merci Mélanie, non, l’odeur de céleri ne se sent pas :).

  11. Geneviève says:

    Super original comme savon! La couleur est superbe. Bisous.

  12. sakura says:

    Green is my favourite colours. ever!
    And celery juice


  13. Ana says:

    Hi, I love making soaps at home and experimenting with new ingredients. I found your post because I was trying to make soap with a combination of water and celery juice in addition to my favorite oil combination that is tried and proven. I was not able to get trace at all! After about an hour or stirring it all possible ways, I gave up and decided to do hot process and just plug it in the crock pot again. I am waiting to see what comes out of it.. Would you have any idea what went wrong with mine?
    Thank you for your time,

  14. mijnzeep1 says:

    Hi Ana, I am sorry to hear about that, but I couldn’t say this happened because of the celery juice as I have never had this case before when using celery juice. Maybe you should try it again and see what happens. Please let me know!

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