The Winner…

I was about to post some hints this evening like:
Think healthy
Think exotic
Think fruit
Think anti-oxidants
Even Think Red


But Marika came with the right answer!

So I got this colour using the goji berries (mixed with water).

Thanks Marika for your answer and thanks everyone who
participated here :)!

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  1. Maja says:

    Congrats to Marika! Enjoy your soap for all of us ‘losers’!
    Nat,we were occupied with guessing and forgot to mention what a beautiful soap you had created!
    Congrats to you,as well!

  2. Marika says:

    Wow, I´ve never won anything!

  3. Cee says:

    Congratulations Marika! Thanks Natalia, this was really fun! 😀

  4. Infusions says:

    Congratulations to Marika!
    I would have never guessed – to me (forgive my limited imagination, and if I am not mistaken) goji berries are used for decorating some Chinese sweets. But using them for soap is a great idea!

  5. Geta says:

    Felicitari Marica ! Natalia ne-a facut curioase si iata ca tu ai ghicit ingredientul, chiar ca a fost distractiv !

  6. Marika says:

    Thanks all! I´m so happy 🙂 And it is a very beautiful soap. Love the colors.

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      I am glad you like it, Marika! I will send you an email…

  7. Anca Maria says:

    multumesc pentru vizita pe blog si comentariu, Natalia. sapunurile tale, ca cele mai multe de altfel, sint foarte apetisante :)))

  8. CLAUDIA says:

    Congratulations to Marika!
    I would have never thinking of goji berries…but was so funny,thank you!
    Much Love,Claudia.

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