Lip Balm Addiction

I am addicted to lip balm. I love it so much that I keep one in every room to be sure I have one within reach every moment.
It’s so easy to make them, all you need is good and unrefined ingredients to get the maximum effect.
Last time I used almond oil, but this time I wanted to change a little bit the recipe using argan oil and also I added some kokum butter, which I have never used before.
Balzam de buze
The recipe:
cacao butter + kokum butter 0,9 gr
shea butter 0,8 gr
argan oil 2,8 gr
beeswax 1,2 gr
vit E1 drop
calendula extract – for the orange color- and for the most sensitive lips
some drops of alkanet infused in calendula oil – for the rose colored balms
 zelfgemaakte lippenbalsem
 Simple and amazing. Think of applying the sweetest honey to your lips! Not to mention, the gentle penetrating moisture of homemade balm stays on your lips for hours and provides a ton of healing properties and protection from the summer sun and the winter winds.Бальзам для губ,

All natural ingredients, customized colors, and it’s so easy and fun!

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  1. Séverine says:

    çà a l’air super gourmand…miam

  2. Jenny says:

    I am addicted to lip balm, too. And hand sanitizer. Take either one away from me and I’ll panic. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Natalia! I tried to make lip balms once and it was a disaster. I should give it a try again someday!

  3. Cee says:

    I love those colors Nat! Thanks for sharing your recipe, it sounds divine with the kokum butter and argan oil!

  4. Marika says:

    I confess, I´m also addicted to lip balm. Have been for at least 20 years. I remember my first lip balm when I was in kindergarten. It was red and it tasted like wild strawberry.

  5. Love the colours! I’ve never heard of kokum butter, but that’s not too surprising, what’s it like? Do you use any scents or is it all au naturel? In any case, it looks fabulous and you’re making me want to try and make my own.

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Thanks Monica! I have already used EOs to scent my lip balms, but those ones are ‘au naturel’ as I really like the natural scent of cacao butter! Sometime ‘Less is more’ 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. iulia says:

    uau, ce reteta faina! nu m-am gandit pana acum sa folosesc alkanetul pentru balsam de buze 🙂

  7. Marieke says:

    Hier nog een lipbalsemverslaafde. Al jaren zelfgemaakte en daarvan heb ik veel minder nodig heb ik gemerkt. Jouwes zijn prachtig, heb je er nog wat etherische olie aan toegevoegd? Ik vind lavendel of munt heerlijk in lipbalsem.

  8. Geta says:

    Vai, Natalia ce culori minunate ai obtinut ! cind eram adolescenta foloseam “Strugurel”, imi catifela si-mi colora discret buzele si mirosea tare frumos.

  9. Gordana says:

    What smart combination of ingredients and natural colorants! Thanks Nat for sharing idea and recipe!

  10. ecchi says:

    hey dar, so useful recipe, I’ll write down it 🙂 I also use ricinus oil cause of its consistance. thanks for stopping by me !
    kiss from italy !!

  11. Maja says:

    They are GORGEOUS! What beautiful,natural colours, never could say they are all natural!
    I love using lip balm,too, especially in winter and summer, or when changing the climate,but I’m not managing to keep it away from my kid’s hands ha,ha!

  12. Dr.Cris says:

    Lovely, natural, colorful and a good recipe!

  13. Anonymous says:

    For calendula oil, did you infuse calendula flowers in oil? Which oil did you infuse it in or did you buy calendula oil? If so, where? Also, did you just put the alkanet root powder in the calendula oil or did you use fresh alkanet? Is the calendula extract powdered?

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