Raw Quince Pie/Placinta cruda de gutui

I love quinces. I like them raw…I find it strange that people around me don’t eat them raw or don’t know them at all, but in the country where I was born, quince is considered to be the queen of autumn fruits. So perfumed and tender like apples and pears, but a little bit spicy and with more aroma, this ‘forgotten fruit’ has so many properties to reveal. Loaded with vitamins A and C, quinces have also tonic, antiseptic, analeptic, astringent and diuretic properties.
The Greek considered quince the fruit of love and of happiness, and they used to bring them to Aphrodite as tribute.Tarta de gutuie


Crust :
100 gr walnuts + almonds (dehydrated)
100 gr dried plums

Quince cream:
300 gr quince (sliced)
40 gr dried grapes/currants
2 tbsp psyllium

Coconut cream :
2 tbsp honey (agave, maple syrup for a vegan version)
50 gr (dehydrated) cashews
1 can of 400 ml bio coconut milk (which should be stored in a fridge for some hours/overnight) of which we will be using:
1/3 coconut milk
The coconut fat (that separates out and solidifies)

For the crust:.
Process the walnuts, almonds and the dried plums in a mixer until finely chopped. Add the cinnamon and  mix until the composition starts to hold together when squeezed. Press the mixture into the bottom of a mold lined with parchment paper.
To make the quince cream:
Combine the sliced quinces and the raisins in a food processor and process very well. Add the psyllium and mix again. Pour the cream over the crust, smoothing out.
To make the coconut cream:
1. Open carefully the coconut can without shaking it. Use only 1/3 of the coconut liquid and the whole fat part.
2. Using a blender, mix all the ingredients until everything is smooth. Pour this cream on the quince cream smoothing out. Place it in the fridge for 3 hours to let it stiff.

This sour-sweet pie, very perfumed and juicy is purely delicious !Raw Quince Pie

Gutuile se numara printre fructele mele preferate. Daca pentru greci acest fruct era un semn al iubirii si fericirii, pentru mine gutuia are un loc aparte, e cumva legatura mea cu casa parinteasca, cu copilaria, cu timpul… Cand eram mica tata sadise in fata casei un pom cu gutui, care a crescut odata cu noi. De fiece daca cand ma intorc acasa, pomul ma intampina de la poarta cu crengile lui..ce repede trece timpul…
Saptamana trecuta am primit de acasa cateva kg de gutui…a fost o bucurie mare sa mananc gutui de la noi din ograda. Mi am dat seama ca niciodata nu am incercat sa fac deserturi cu gutui, asa ca inceput imediat sa ma gandesc cu ce le as combina pentru a obtine un desert cat mai interesant.

Crusta :
100 gr nuci + migdale deshidratate
100 gr prune uscate
Putina scortisoara
Crema de gutuie :
300 gr gutuie taiata felii
40 gr stafide
2 linguri psyllium
Crema de cocos :
2 linguri miere
50 gr caju deshidratat
1 cutie de 400 ml de lapte de cocos bio pe care il punem cateva ore la congelator si din care vom folosi , fara a agita cutia:
1/3 lapte de cocos
Grasimea de la lapte care se separa

Pentru crusta :
1. Intr-un blender, mixam toate ingredientele pana cand obtinem o pasta lipicioasa si uniforma pe care o vom intinde pe o forma tapetata cu hartie de copt( diametrul de 22 cm).
Pentru crema de gutui:
1 Gutuile taiate felii si stafidele se mixeaza cu ajutorul mixerului, si se adauga si psyllium la urma. Se acopera blatul cu aceasta compozitie.
Pentru crema de cocos:
1. Se deschide atent cutia cu lapte de cocos, fara a o agita. Vom folosi doar 1/3 din partea lichida (laptele) si toata grasimea de la suprafata cutiei.
2. Cu ajutorul unui robot culinar, mixam toate ingredientele pana cand obtinem o crema uniforma. Turnam aceasta crema peste crema de gutui si dam la congelator pentru 3 ore.
Rezulta o tarta dulce-acrisoara, foarte suculenta si parfumata ! Merita incercata !

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  1. Signe says:

    This cake sounds (and looks too, obviously) very interesting and delicious! I have never eaten any quinces, so I have no idea how they taste. But if I can find any quinces from the grocery store, I must try this cake too. Today I finally found that carob powder from “Punnitse & Säästä” -store, there would have also been lucuma powder, but it was too expensive for me.

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Indeed, Signe, some of these powders are quite expensive, but they are so good! (I use to buy them online, sometimes you can find good deals).

  2. Vai, cat de bine arata! mi-ai facut asa o pofta 🙂

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Daca esti ca si mine fan gutui, te cred 😉

  3. DivaSoap says:

    Me too,Nat! I like raw quince the best. I used to eat them as a child and everyone was wondering how come I like them raw. It’s bit acquiring taste and not everyone can eat them raw. I like your recipe, you’re such an inventive cook! Will you marry me?

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      I will be thinking about your proposal, Maja! What can you do besides making soaps? 😉

      1. DivaSoap says:

        If you treat me like this, I’ll do anything,hun!

  4. cannella says:

    Miam ! I make a diet and i suffered reading your recipe !
    Help ! 😉

    1. Signe says:

      But Natalie’s recipes ARE good diet food! There is no added sugar in them, no flours and lot’s of good fats. Now just make the cake and enjoy it with good conscience! 😀

  5. soapjam says:

    Don’t think I have ever tried quince. I am not a raw food person although I have a book on it – love tummy-warming food too much – but I am amazed at how creative and good you are at coming up with all these raw food recipes. I won’t be surprised if you’re getting more than Maja’s proposal. 😉

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Silvia, what book do you have?

      1. soapjam says:

        I am Grateful. It’s the cookbook of Cafe Gratitude. 🙂

  6. Cee says:

    Oh my, this looks AMAZING! Lol @ Maja 🙂

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Thanks Christine!

  7. O my, that icing on your cake looks amazing!!!! Quince is “kweepeer”, right? Can’t remember of ever having it raw, shall have to try that now. I’m nosy I know, but what is your country of birth? you seem to know so many languages.

  8. I’ve never had quince, but your description of them sounds so wonderful! What a lovely pie…such gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your creation at Raw Foods Thursdays!

  9. danaiana says:

    Cu siguranţă o s-o încerc!

  10. Marika says:

    I have never heard of this fruit. I had to google how it looks like. But the cake looks really yummy!

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Don’t you have it in Finland, Marika?

      1. Marika says:

        At least I have not seen it. And I´m one of those persons that likes to look for new things in the store and try most of them 😀

      2. mijnzeep1 says:

        Ok, so you will find it for sure( I buy it during the winter in the turkish shop).

  11. I have never tried quince raw. They do get black if you do not combine them to an anti- oxidant such as lemon, don t they? I used to make quince jelly, and then quince pate de fruit, but those are full of cane sugar…. Honey and agave syrup are healthier options than cane sugar, yet they are still sugar, and your insulin level will rise, just a little more slowly. But the recipe may be all right without those added sugars… You are very creative in alternative desert options! Congratulations!

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