Plombir/Vegan tofu-coconut milk ice cream

We haven’t really enjoyed the sunny days this year, but we are still hoping to have a long summer without too much rain. Nevertheless, we use to make quite often ice cream home… to exercise and to be prepared in case the summer it would become too hot :).
This ice cream was made to save some old and forgotten banana’s and maybe that’s why I found it to be one of the best ice creams we have ever made home.
Serves 4 persons
5 banana’s, cut into slices and frozen overnight
200 gr silken tofu
1 cup of coconut milk(200 ml)
1-2 TbSp lemon juice
1 Vanilla powder

Mix everything and serve!

I always use to make fruit ice cream as my daughters love colours in food, but my favourite ice cream is, without any doubts, the white one. It reminds me the one I grew up with, Plombir: the most white and the most delicious, of course. Amazing how food can bring back emotions!
Vegan tofu-coconut milk ice creamDaca e sa mi fie dor de copilarie, mi e, fara indoiala, dor de o inghetata Plombir. Cea mai alba dintre inghetate, cea mai cremoasa si cea mai delicioasa…Bineinteles ca fiecare isi are Plombirul sau. Eu insa de ceva vreme tot incerc sa gasesc imitatia cea mai buna pentru acest desert din copilarie. Mai e ceva de lucru, insa pentru moment ne delectam cu aceasta inghetata buna si atat de plina de amintiri :

Ingrediente pentru 4 persoane:
5 -6 banane feliate si tinute la congelator o noapte
200 gr de tofu cremos
1 pahat de lapte de cocos(200 ml)
1-2 linguri de suc lamaie
Pudra de vanilie

Mixam totul si inghetata este gata !la vie en rawzIntr o alta ordine de idei, am primit cateva saptamani in urma una dintre cele mai frumoasa carti de bucate din sfera raw-veganismului romanesc. O carticica delicioasa, plina de culori si de savoare, a carui autor este Andreea Lazarescu. Cel mai mult m a atras la aceasta carte reteta de zacusca, pe care am facut o deja de cateva ori la cat de buna e si reteta de supa de mazare. Painica din faina de hrisca si nuci braziliene e la fel tare interesanta. Este o placere sa rasfoiesti aceasta carte, deci pentru cei pasionati de mancare sanatoasa si plina de energie – v-o recomand cu drag. Bucuria e si mai mare pentru ca la aceasta carte a lucrat si Andie (grafica), o persoana foarte draga mie (nu numai pentru ca purtam acelasi nume de familie) si a carui blog mi a fost si imi e de mare folos si inspiratie.

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  1. Signe says:

    Sounds delicious! I’ve tried banana ice cream using only frozen bananas, that was also good. What was in that Plombir in your childhood? By the way, I’m (and my dad too) hooked with that kvas drink now – I bought 30 litres of it few weeks ago…

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Oh, Sini, I wish I could find it (cvas) here too…Plombir was full of E and sugar, but so so delicious :).

  2. Ella Sandu says:

    Super reteta Natalia! Deja imi e pofta de o inghetata! Trabuie sa o incerc! O saptamana minunata iti doresc! 🙂

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Multumesc Gabi!

  3. Marika says:

    Perfect healthy ice cream. I think I will try it with lime instead of lemon.

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Lime or lemon, you will love it, Marika 🙂

  4. Geta says:

    Inghetata alba parfumata cu vanilie imi place si mie …din copilarie imi mai amintesc de inghetata de fistic care-mi place la fel de mult !

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Da, inghetatele din copilarie cu greu le poti uita 😉

  5. DivaSoap says:

    O, this sounds easy, i just need to get tofu. Hey, Signe’s comment just reminded me- last time I was in Serbia, I bought a kvas can and as they didn’t have a classic version in that store, I got the one with coffee flavour. They make it now with several flavours. Too shame, because I didn’t like it. To be honest, later I forgot to look in other stores, so next time I still need to try the original taste.
    I also have no idea what plombir is!

  6. mijnzeep1 says:

    I have never tried the coffee flavour, but I am curious to try it if I once come to Serbia. Can you find it in all shops or? Plombir is the name of the old-fashioned , but so delicious ice cream from URSS, Maja 🙂

  7. Gordana says:

    This looks really tasteful! But looking at those ice cream balls I can see the soap of similar design – like soap on the rope 🙂 Real inspiration!

  8. thefolia says:

    The almost look like soap! Happy Nesting.

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