Hemp Turmeric Shake

Turmeric dairy-free shakeI wasn’t so familiar with curcuma/turmeric powder and its properties until 2 years ago. While searching for natural colorants for soaps I discovered how good it is for our health. I started to use it once in a while in some Indian dishes. But the true love for turmeric started some months ago: when browsing one of my favorite food blogs posts  I found an interesting curcuma shake recipe which intrigued me from the first moment. I had to try it immediately myself. With some small changes this shake was one of the best shakes I ever drank and since that moment it became a part of our daily life. My daughters love it too, and despite the fact that some of the ingredients used (curcuma, ginger) sound a bit strange and spicy, the combination is really good and quite exotic. A must for this summer month!

Recipe: adapted from Green Kitchen Stories
500 ml rejuvelac/Romanian bors/water
2 full TbSp hemp seeds
1,5 frozen bananas
The juice of half a lemon
2 cm fresh ginger
2TbSp honey/agave
2TbSp curcuma powder
1 TbSp bee pollenDairy-free turmeric shake

P.S. In case you are using fresh curcuma, make sure you decrease the quantity of it, as fresh curcuma is much stronger than the powdered one.
In case you are using bors which is too sour (the bought one can sometime be very sour), make sure you dilute it with water and don’t use any lemon juice.

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  1. Sounds very and somewhat spicy! What is Bors? What can we use to Replace it?

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Bors is a Romanian probiotic, used to make soups and not only. You can read more about it here:
      You can replace it with rejuvelac/water.
      It’s a spicy-sweet combination indeed, but really delicious.

  2. soapjam says:

    Your turmeric shake sounds great and does not sound strange. Yummy and healthy! 🙂
    Turmeric is one of the most curative spices around. It saved my mom from a very serious case of stomach problem. That and activated charcoal.
    I am also just starting to use turmeric essential oil to colour soap.

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Thanks, Silvia! My Indonesian colleague was also telling that her aunt uses turmeric to detox, which I found also very interesting! I will have to buy turmeric eo too, never tried it before in soaps!

  3. Geta says:

    Mmmm, cred că e foarte bun shake-ul preparat de tine Natalia, am să încerc reţeta ta !
    Turmeric am folosit si eu la săpun şi mi-a plăcut tare mult cum a colorat !

  4. Maja says:

    Do your family ever eat or drink something unhealthy? I mean, things like Coke or other fizzy drinks, snacks, or fried meat? I really watch out carefully what my kid eats and drinks, and I’m personally not a fan of fizzies, or snacks, but I’m far worse at inventing new, healthy sub for those! And I know my kid, when sees those junk, she craves it
    You’re magnificent,Nat!
    I use curcuma as a spice in regular cooking and I know if I put too much, I’ll get complains, because of its strong aroma. I wonder whether my family would like this drink!? Sounds like a vitamine bomb, I need to try it!

  5. You always have the most interesting recipes to share. I’ve never heard of curcurma before so I’ll have to look that up. Your shake sounds really yummy.

    I throw in a bit of turmeric in my cooking where I know it won’t affect the colouring of the dish but I guess I should try and use it in more foods.

  6. Jenny says:

    Sounds like an interesting shake, Natalia! I’ve heard turmeric is supposed to be really good for you. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. Love the sound of this! Turmeric, ginger & banana is a favorite combo for me!

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