WelleCo Elixir Bounties

I got this delicious Elixir powder and I wanted to make something different than using it in shakes. We all found this bounty cake delicious and beautiful to look at that I wanted to share it here too.

Ingredients for the crust:

70 gr desiccated coconut

1TbSp cacao powder (10 gr)

3 dates

1TbSp almond butter (25 gr)

2TbSp cacao mass, melted (40 gr)

The cream:

100 gr desiccated coconut

120 gr coconut milk

50 gr agave

30 gr almond butter

20 gr Elixir powder

The chocolate topping:

80 gr dark chocolate/cacao mass, melted

2 TbSp coconut milk

To make the crust:

Place all the ingredients in a blender until you get a sticky dough. Get your cake mold and transfer all the mixture to it pressing down firmly. Leave it set while you prepare the coconut filling. Place all the ingredients for the cream in the blender and mix well. Pour the coconut filling into the cake mold and make sure to press it down well so that it all sticks together. Place it in the freezer the time that you prepare the chocolate topping. Make the chocolate layer by melting the dark chocolate or the cacao mass with some coconut oil. Once melted, spread it all over the cake.Enjoy it!

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