Vegan Tahini Brownies

I use to make brownies a lot, almost every weekend. And because I make it so often, I need to make sure I use the healthies ingredients. Every time we like to change something about the brownies and give it a different shape or flavour. And because we have just finished to watch a beautiful Israeli series ‘Shtisel’,  I wanted to make something to remind me about this culture.

For those who do not know ‘Shtisel’… do not miss out on it ! I highly recommend it, it’s one of the most beautiful series I have ever seen: beautiful acting and giving insight into the Israeli society. Israel has definitely been added to our list of countries to be visited !!

If you ask me what a healthy brownies is, then I would say that they have to be sugar and flour free and it has to contain the darkest chocolate ever, too. And because I have made so many tests until now, I have also developed lots of recipes without eggs .

I have recently discovered a new protein powder and I was so surprised about the delicious taste that I wanted to use in brownies too. Naturally sweet, smelling like chocolate and containing a lot of good quality plant powdered, this powder is my favorite until now. Usually I use to split the ‘flour’ quantity between some other flours like coconut/rice/teff and the protein powder,  but this time I used only this protein as flour and the result was so good. Light and still moist a little bit, decadent and naturally sweet, these brownies were eaten without getting the time to make some shots. In case you look for  healthy ways or replacing your flours from your favorite dessert, give this protein powder a try. It’s worth using it not only because it’s made of pure plant ingredients (pumpkin, sunflower, rice, pea) and so it’s full of iron, fibre and zinc but also because each serving provides the recommended daily amount of Vit B12.  I am simply in love with it.

Back to these brownies and what you need to make them: 200 gr dark chocolate, melt
70gr tahini
5 dates
35gr linseed powder+ 25 gr water150 soya yogurt40 coconut oil, melted
1cs baking soda + 2TbSp vinegar
75 gr Crazy good cacao protein

Preheat the oven to 180C. Mix the linseed powder with the water in a blender, then add the yogurt, the dates and the melted coconut oil to get a homogeneous pasta. Add the melted chocolate and the tahini and mix again. Once the paste looks mixed well, add the protein powder. Pour it into a 20cm/20cm mold and bake it for 25minutes. Optionally you can decorate it with some sesame seeds.

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  1. So beautiful! They look ooey gooey amazing

    1. Natalia says:

      Thank you so much, Monica! Big kisses!

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