Rose Water Protein Halva Bites

It looks like that we don’t eat something else but sweets, I know. But some of the ingredients we use in the treats we make are so good that they need a special place on this blog. Like this very vanilla protein protein. I have already written about the chocolate version in my previous post but this vanilla powder was too good and lovely, simply impossible not to create something from it.

These halva bites are a souvenir of our holiday from last year. There were so many types of halva in Georgia, it’s simply impossible not to find your favorite version. Mine? Rose water helva! That’s why I wanted to create something similar home.

Ingredients for 20-25 bites:

160gr sunflower butter

20gr agave

160gr coconut milk

50gr very vanilla protein powder

20gr water rose

Mix well all the ingredients and make different shapes as per your wish. We played here and made ‘small boats’ but wanted to make some covered in chocolate bites too, that’s why you can see these differents pics.

I hope you like them as much we did.

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