Oat macchiato frappé

Difficult to describe how happy I was when I discovered in my supermarket Nescafé Gold Oat Macchiato! Even If I try to drink less coffee nowadays, I have been waiting for a Nescafé vegan version for such a long time. Because this has always been my favourite coffee. And I used to drink it since my student time. And finally a vegan version for people like me, who don’t love milk and who want to digest better their coffee/desserts. To be honest, now I am waiting for a sugar free version, I know it will come out soon!

The new vegan Nescafé boxes are such a pleasure for the eyes. Elegant and so colourful, each box tells a different story. I couldn’t wait to start to shoot them. The Oat Macchiato was my 1st choice because the label makes me think of autumn. It’s almost autumn! We kind of already miss the summer but at the same time looking forward to autumn and its golden precious colors.

But back to this coffee! Before this summer literally ends, I wanted to make a summer drink that we so used to enjoy in Italy: frappé. As a student I so loved it in the summer. There are, of course, so many different versions of it, so I tried an easy one and made it as I thought. I used a mocha ice cream but a chocolate/vanilla/straciatella would also work. If you are making it for kids, I would suggest to use half a portion per kid.

For one person:

1 Oat Macchiato portion

200 ml cold rice milk or another milk

2 scoops of mocha ice cream

carob/cacao powder to dust

Mix the milk, the oat macchiato and the ice cream in the blender during 2-3 mins. Serve it dusting with some carob powder. In case you are using a different milk, you can add to your blender 1-2 dates to make your dessert moment sweeter.

For the moment you can enjoy the 100% cashback for 1 Nescafé Gold Macchiato using this link: https://offers.shopmium.com/be-fr/n/nescafe-gold-macchiato

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