2020 Holiday Gift Guide


I don’t post often but still I didn’t want to end this year without posting some of my favorite this year which also would make a lovely present under your Xmas tree.

  1. Magic dates box – I was in heaven when I discovered this shop with so many types of dates. Before I only new medjool dates and deglet. You can never go wrong with this beautiful colorful box of 6 different dates.
  2. Since I dicovered this year these oils, I can’t do without them! Quality and good price in one bottle. You will stop trying other brands of olive oils once you have these! So in love with them and no meal without them!

3. Xmas also means buying presents from your talented friends and if you are looking for a colorful touch of color in your living, then these would make a present also for you. Made by Mihaela in Brussels.

4. Why not offering a different present like a workshop or a health bilan session at Daela’s place? We all need from time to time a reboot and Daela is the best to make your energy work again or better.

5. Kitchen books! No matter how many books you have, we all love to have them home. I decided this year to sell those books I don’t use/like anymore to make place for some other news. This year I especially fell in love with this elegant humble book.

6. A shot session: this would make a lovely present isn’t it? I know many talented photographers and even if I have never really shot people, I know how much work and dedication making pics takes. If you live near Brussels, then you can check our Els’s work. Making people feeling comfortable and create a lovely scene in nature is a plus when working with Els.

7. Spices, spices, spices! We are all so addicted to them in the kitchen , we never have too many and too much of them. This shop provides such a large variety of them. One day I will have them all.

8. This year I use a lot this box and I know that the next year I will use it even more once we get back to our normal life. My girls love their boxes too and they always argue on who is going to take her sandwish to school in the only box we have. So this year we will have under our Xmas trea 2 of these.

9. Notebooks for your female friends who love to cook and create recipes. This year I came across these notebook and I found them so pretty that I could’t stop from buying more than one. They are so practical and elegant that you want to have one of these home too!

10. Everything handmade: soaps, ceramics, candles, clothes, bonbons. I already started packing soaps and ceramics but also making macarons and other sweets to deliver to my dear ones.

What are you offering this year?

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