Lavender & Tea Tree Soap

Indigo SoapLavender and tea-tree soap made of goatmilk and buttermilk, palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, grapeseed oil.
Indigo Soap
The colour is the result of the rose ochre and Indigofera Suffruticosa Extract( Indigo). I really like this purple ontained naturally.

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  1. bymystic says:

    superbe visuel tout comme ta recette

  2. Traci Rogers says:

    I love those peaked tops!!

  3. Mika says:

    Absolutely gorgeous !!!

  4. Naturi says:

    J’adore la manière dont tu as travaillé le dessus. Bravo 🙂

  5. Geta says:

    A iesit frumoasa culoarea, imi place si modelul acela imprimat in sapun.

  6. Лора says:

    Очень красивое мыло!

  7. Hi!! thanks for your comments in my blog. I love too this natural colour, indigo is great!! kisses from the forest. Silvia.

  8. I’m loving the colors, they are very beautiful. =)

  9. vert citron says:

    je n’arrive pas a obtenir ces bleus tendre avec l’indigo, plutot un vert tirant sur le gris. bravo!

  10. Nice soap! It reminds me a bit on Lyn soaps, I just love a soap with peaky tops. The stamp is fab too! You must have order it from a far distance, I cannot seem to find a decent soap stamp in Europe… 😦

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