Green Clay Soap

The golden yellow flowers of Calendula officinalis have been used as medicine for centuries. Historically, Calendula flowers have been considered beneficial in reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing, and used as an antiseptic. Calendula has been used to treat a variety of skin diseases and has been seen effective in treatment of skin ulcerations and eczema. Called  also the Golden Flower or Mary , this is the  most common flower .

 The reason why we use calendula for skin over other oils is because its high levels carotenoids , which are nourishing but also because it contains small amounts of salicylic acid, the active ingredient contained in aspirin. So besides the ability of healing it also has the power to take the sting out of broken skin.

Through the centuries it has mainly been used in tinctures but we are lucky enough to be able to access the carrier oil which is made from a maceration of the petals and which is also my personal favourite maceration. This soap consist for 30% if this maceration of the petals in olive oil.   

Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, calendula infused in olive oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, castor oil, green clay, calendula petals.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    Beautiful, Natalia! Calendula is so pretty in soap!

  2. Nitya says:

    I love the color calendula petals leave in soap. Great info on these wonderful flowers Natalia!!

  3. Gabriela Cristea says:

    Ce poze frumoase,cu iz de toamna portocalie de la florile.

  4. Geta says:

    Ce culoare frumoasa au galbenelele, ai facut un sapun tare bun pentru diverse afectiuni ale pielii !

  5. Maja says:

    Interesting soap,Natalia . Clay for cleansing,calendula for calming. C&C soap,isn’t it? I would like to wash my face with it, no doubt my mixed skin would love it. I bought calendula petals months ago,and still reminding myself that I finally have to infuse them into oo. ,but apparently I’m too lazy to do that. Or scared of messing up,maybe?

  6. Gordana says:

    “Golden Peace” – what a beautiful name for soap! I really like the pictures as well. I also use calendula oil to make soap, usually with goat milk, superfat it with shea butter and live it unscented.

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