Yellow of Combodia Soap

I had almost forgotten about this challenge but then I discovered in the shop where I use to buy my lye an ingredient which drew my attention: yellow of Cambodia (Gutta gummi), a natural colorant. The color, named after the gamboge tree, which is known for its yellow resin, is a yellow pigment which comes from Cambodia, where in the 12th century painters used the color as a watercolor paint.Soap made of yellow of Cambodia
So here my Cambodian Soap made of: coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, litsea cubeba essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, yellow of Cambodia and nettle powder.

Jaune du Cambodge

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  1. Maja says:

    How lovely, you were inspired in a second to use this wonderful colour for your Universal Challenge! I love it and the soap came out perfect! Along with the peaks! Even the ash contributes to its beauty!

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Thanks Maja! I believe I have never had so much ash on a soap like this time 🙂

      1. Marika says:

        I didn´t even notice the ash 😀

  2. Jenny Pong says:

    Natural colour and nice soap!

  3. christèle says:

    beautiful soap!!!

    1. mijnzeep1 says:

      Merci Christèle et bon weekend!

  4. Geta says:

    Natural si frumos, am avut aceeasi impresie ca si Maja !

  5. Lovely, those colors are gorgeous.

  6. Gordana says:

    Some exotic colorant again! I am really impressed how you discovered all of them and recognized that could be used as soap ingredients. I also like green you achieved with nettle!

  7. Marika says:

    Both the top and the bottom layers are beautiful, but the green from the nettle powder is just wonderful.

  8. Cee says:


  9. That is so pretty! I love how the two parts are so beautifully delineated.

  10. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous soap, Natalia! I love the pencil line. And the nettle powder looks so pretty and earthy.

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