Julie Natuurlijk book review

Julie natuurlijk book
I will try to come back and post something about our holidays, but for now this post is about a book I have been waiting for so long: ‘Julie natuurlijk’ ! I received it on the 1st of September. I couldn’t have started this month better! This book is so classy and delicate that I can recommend it to all of you !

Julie naatuurlijk book
I got to know Julie via her blog (check it out here ). We exchanged several mails, in which I got to know Julie a little bit better. I discovered a lovely person interested in healthy food, who studied in California at the Living Light Culinary Institute (together with her boyfriend) where she became a raw chef. As written in the book, Julie got in touch with raw food because of some health problems. In Belgium, Julie organizes raw food workshops, she opened a pure-food pop-up restaurant, and she also owns an online shop where you can order raw delicacies – Allgood. She makes beautiful cheesecake/cakes so if you heard about raw food but never dared to prepare something, it’s an occasion to find out how delicious these are! Julie is such an ispiration, she knows her stuff inside-out and everything she does is with such integrity and full of meaning.

Julie natuurlijk book
The book is simply awesome! With 60 recipes, Julie introduces you to a world free of sugar, gluten and dairy. Simple recipes and colourful dishes will make you discover how nutritious and good for you this food can be. The recipes are clearly explained and easy to follow, enriched with some tips. Forget those classical books full of too much explanation where you can’t follow the instructions. Here the design is fabulous and catches the reader’s eye from the cover until the end of the book. And ..the photograps are amazing. You simply will want to make these recipes as they are so beautifully photographed!
If you are interested in vegan food or if you simply want to have in your kitchen library a fascinating collection of recipes and a book you will want to rely on again and again, this is for you!

Cucumber-ananas gazpacho

I couldn’t easily decide about which recipe to post on my blog, as they all look so nice. I was very impressed by the spaghetti and lentils&nuts balls; the cheesecake sounds good too; The energyshake with cacao was what the girls wanted me to make first and it was so tasty! But the ananas-cucumber gazpacho was something I have never tried before. We were so thrilled about this recipe: the mix between cucumbers, basilium ananas makes such a perfect match!

So go to the shop, buy an pineapple and some cucumbers and make this beautiful recipe!

Cucumber-ananas gazpacho
Ingredients for 4 persons:
3cups cucumber
3 cups pineapple
1tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp (green) onion
1tsp ginger
1/2tsp salt
2 handful fresh basilicum
1/2 avocado
1tbsp pistachio nuts

Mix everything except the pistachio nuts in a blender and puree for 15 to 20 seconds on high speed. Decorate the soups with pistachio nuts: summer in your plate!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Patrizia says:

    This book is very interesting , beautiful recipe you choose, with surprise ingredients for this unusual gazpacho , I am attracted to taste .

    1. Natalia says:

      You can also order the bok in English via Julie’s blog! It’s worth it!

      1. Patrizia says:

        thank you very much

  2. Monica says:

    Lovely photos as always and you always make me think, hmmm, maybe I should try and go a little more vegetarian in my diet. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us, you are such an inspiration for healthy eating.

    1. Natalia says:

      Julie is an inspiraton! Thank you, Monica!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful review Natalia! I am glad you are enjoying the book 🙂 You have a gorgeous daughter by the way! Love, Julie

    1. Natalia says:

      I do enjoy the book, Julie! Made already several recipes! ❤

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