It’s a healthy piece of cake


I was so happy to receive via a giveaway on Instagram a beautiful book written by a lovely woman I have been following since I made my Instagram account. Corinne is a wonderful mama of 3 children, a stewardess, a singer and foodblogger. It’s impossible to love healthy vegan treats, to have an Instagram feed and not to know Corinne. She is a very talented lady and her book ‘It’s a healthy piece of cake’ is prooving this. She is not only the writer of her recipes, but also she is the photographer and the stylist of her book!

When receiving the book, I could hardly decide which recipe to test first. They all look too nice, the ingredients sound so healthy, the combinations – so appealing! I fell in love with the positive side of the book (lovely quotes written by Corinne which put a smile on my face) and but also with its colourful side. There are also lots of advices and tips given by Corinne which make it more than a recipe book.

_MG_5066.JPGI first decided to make ‘Black Forest Cherry cake’ because I have always wanted to make a healthier version of this classic dessert and never did it. Corinne uses only good quality and sometimes, maybe new to some of us ingredients to create the most creamiest cream. I have lots of vegan dessert books and I am so happy to discover new original ingredients and to know more about them. This cake was such a winner! Everyone loved it and found it different from the classic version but in a good way.

_MG_5076.JPGThe first cake being a success, I then let my daughters choose 2 different cakes. Mocha hazelnut cheese cake was something that also sounded so interesting: coffee cheese cream combined with some good chocolate? Who wouldn’t love it? I was so excited about the cheese cream than I didn’t read carefully the recipe so my cakes ended up a little bit different (not with the white drizzle on it), but OMG , I can swear that these cheesecakes were the best and so rich and creamy! The funny part of making raw dessert is that you can keep them in the freezer, but in our case we couldn’t keep them longer than one day! I would recommend you to start with this recipe, as this is very easy and you will not stop from ‘licking’ your fingers!

_MG_5290Being a coconut lover like Corinne (at least I think she is, as she does have enough recipes involving coconut), I could not resist making something ‘coconut’ too. Hard to decide between ‘’Pink coconut butter cake’, ‘Bounty bars’, ‘Coco dream cake’, ‘ After eight 2.0′ and and ‘Bounty love’. Having seen fresh coconut in the last recipe, I decided to make this.’ It sounds dreamy, isn’t it? Bounty love! And it is! Such a delicious and healthy bounty cake!_MG_5313

I don’t think there is a recipe in this book which wouldn’t find his/her favorite. I have saved some other recipes like ‘Frozen caramen ‘fudge’ bars’ – which reminded me of my childhood and wouldn’t mind to eat them again, but in a healthier version like in this book. Salted caramel chocolate chuncks reminded me of snickers bars and I am sure that these will be the next ones I will be making! Triple chocomousse cake sounds so easy to make and love so much the recipe because the cream is made out of avocado’s! But you are not a real Belgian if you don’t make speculaas at home and Corinne has a healthy version for these biscuits too. ‘Semi-raw dutch stuffed speculaas’ is on my list to do for the December, the recipe seems really too lovely and delicious not to make it.

_MG_5325Corinne has not only cake/tarts recipes, but also easier way to enjoy a healthy breaksfast through smoothies, cookies, pancakes and parfaits. Today, when the plant-based desserts are the best options for our allergies, intolerances etc. this book is a lovely addition to everyone’s kitchen. Get this book and enjoy a sweet happy life!Corinne.jpg

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  1. Ela says:

    This is such a lovely blog post! I agree, Corinne is a sweetheart and her book seems to be amazing. Wonderful recreations my dear. 🙂

    1. Natalia says:

      Thank you so much Ela! Indeed, Corinne’s book is such a lovely book, if you have the chance, get it (once released in EN).

  2. Oh WOW!!!! Beautiful photos and sweet treats!

    1. Natalia says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer! Have you got Corinne’s book?

  3. Signe says:

    Hi, Nat! Your photos are as beautiful as always 🙂 And that book sounds great too.

    1. Natalia says:

      Thank you so much Signe! Misseing those old soap times together!

  4. I didn’t know Corinne has her own book! Thank you for letting us know lovely. xoxo Janine

    1. Natalia says:

      Thank you Janine! I hope the book will be soon translated in EN too!

  5. Alena brenda says:

    No doubt Corinne’s books is an excellent book

  6. Laura says:

    This cake looks like a dream! Have to try this recipe 😉

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