Glutenfree bread


A good bread needs not only good ingredients but also some patience, time and love.

As much as I love bread I realized that I don’t feel really ok after eating it. I used to make my sourdough bread which was a healthier option than the ones from the store. But this took me so much time that I had to give it up. I still have some sourdough in my freezer and use it when making pizza’s for my girls, but I try to avoid gluten as much as I can. I tried several mixes of gluten free breads, and lately the buckwheat one was my favorite. I love it especially because I can leave to ferment and then my bread gets a bitter taste … this reminds me of the lovely dark breads I used to eat as a child.

Ingredients for one bread:

300 gr raw buckwheat
150 gr ground linseed
2TbSp olive/coconut oil
Rinse the buckwheat and leave it soak in water for some hours or even one night. The morning after, (using a blender) mix the buckwheat and the linseed adding the oil, some salt and water (just enough to make it easier to blend, like 170-200gr). Blend it for 5 min, until you get the buckwheat ground. Pour the mixture into a bread/cake mold and let it ferment for at least one day. The more you let ferment, the more bitter it gets and the more it will rise. I use to put it in the oven – 170C – 1 h  30 m – the day after only in the evening so that the morning afterwards we can have it for breakfast.

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  1. Joan says:

    Is that so simple?

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