Rose water coconut butter helva


_MG_6695It’s already mid september but I am still dreaming of Georgia and everything we could enjoy there during our holiday this summer. Having as neighbours Russia and Turkey, the influence of halva/helva is strong there too. I grew up with sunflower halva, then I discovered the sesame seeds halva and how good for you the sesame seeds are. I used to make my raw sesame paste/tahini home but when I discovered this brand, it felt so good. This raw tahini is really so good and delicious, I use to add it to everything. My girls wouldn’t love it but in cookies and cakes it makes such a healthy add and they eat them like crazy :).

250 gr raw tahini
50 gr sunflower butter
100 gr coconut butter
2-3 drops vanilla
3 TbSp rose water
40 gr coconut nectar

100 gr pistachios

150 gr vegan dark chocolate
Mix all the ingredients (except the pistachios and the chocolate) in a blender and then transfer the mixture to lined pan. Using a rubber spatula or damp finger tips press firmly the mixture into the pan. Cut the helva in small squares and cover them with pistachios. Put them in the refrigerator for some hours or even a night. The day after melt the chocolate and cover the helva with chocolate. Decorate with some resting pistachios and rose petals! Enjoy them and think how grateful we are to be able to make such delicious and healthy bites!

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