Dried plums brownies

I have an obsession with the mix between plums and dark chocolate and this is due to the fact that I was born in Moldova. For those who don’t know, Moldova has this well-known chocolate company Bucurie (which means Joy) and one of the best sold chocolates are the plums-chocolate ones. I have already seen these treats in Poland too , but the most delicious ones are, of course, the ones I grew up with 🙂_MG_6256

I have already made lots of treats having this mix as main character, but brownies are something I have always wanted to try.

150 dried plums
9-10 dates(60 gr)
140 gr coconut milk (made using 20 gr coconut flakes and 140 gr water)
110gr soy yogurt
80 gr coconut oil , melted
130 gr dark chocolate, melted
60 gr tigernut powdered flour
30 gr cocoa powder
2 eggs(optional)
Preheat the oven to 180C. Using a blender, mix the plums and the dates with the coconut milk, the yogurt and the melted coconut oil to get an homogen pasta. Add the melted chocolate and mix again. Once the paste looks mixed well, add the cacao powder and the tigernut flour. Optionally, for a non –vegan option, you can add 2 eggs. Pour it into a 20cm/20cm mold and bake it in the preheated over for 25minutes.

Thank you Cocofina for your coconul oil and all your cocont products I received to test. Coming back soon with something coconut to drink 🙂

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  1. Monica says:

    That looks amazing! What are those gorgeous flowers you have on top? Love the colour combination.

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