Olive oil chocolate cookies

What would december be without chocolate cookies? Moist and so chocolatey, these are the only chocolate cookies we use to make. Every year I change a little bit the recipe, but I like to keep it always sugar free and full of chocolate. Just one or two pieces to make my chocolate pause worth it.

For 25-30 cookies:

175 gr oat meal

40 gr linseed, ground

30 gr cacao powder

½ tbsp baking soda + 1 TbSp cider vinegar

50 gr coconut oil

40 gr olive oil

130 gr dates + 30 gr water

150 gr dark chocolate

70 gr molass

3 gr salt

Vanilla powder

Start by melting the chocolate. Mix into a blender the dates with water to get a homogeneous paste. Mix in a bowl all the ingredients. When all the ingredients are well mixed, roll the paste to get a thickness of 1 cm and cut them as desired. Bake them at 170C for 8 min.

(Here we used Christmas trees and we decorated the trees with some matcha chocolate).

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