Raw spaghetti with wild garlic pesto


This spring I challenged myself to get closer to nature and use free herbs nature has to offer instead of running to the shop and buy the stuff we want. So I made several time some soups using nettle and I tried to replace spinach more and more by nettle. When you put a little bit of nettle in your food your family will barely notice this difference. So next time you put some more and so on. Polenta with creamed coconut nettles was a succes home, especially because I used spices like garam masala. When I found some wirl garlic in my mother-in-laws garden I immediately thought of pesto. And because this month I wanted to eat more raw meals, raw spaghetti with wild garlic pesto was a good idea, especially if you love garlic, as I do. This recipe was a mild one even it contains enough wirl garlic. This was thanks to the ingredients used like avocado and pistachios. Such an easy healthy recipe to enjoy this month and as long as you can find wild garlic.

Ingredients for 2 persons:

3/4 avocado

70 gr raw zucchini

the juice of 2 lemons

a handful of raw pistachio

a handful of wild garlic

1TSp almond butter

peper, salt

To make the pesto: add all the ingredients in a blender and mix well until you get a creamy pesto.

To make the ‘spaghetti’: spiralize 1-2 zucchini. Add your pesto and enjoy the simple meal, being grateful for the savory plants nature has us to offer.

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