Vegan cherry jam ice cream


No summer without ice cream. Even if this summer is quite a challenging one and nothing seems sure. But one thing is sure: we need ice cream in the summer. And an easy one to make. I love easy recipes but I also love those recipes which could be done in advance and save some time for when you have guests. This can be done in small molds or in a bigger one, as we did, and cut before serving. The beauty of this recipe relies on the delicious cherry jam from Materne, which are made from fresh cherries. I am not a jam fan in generally but this sour-sweet jam is really an addictive one. You can use it as spread on your bread but here we love it especially in our green salads. I would usually use honey/dates for my ‘vegan’ ice creams like this one, but with this jam you add some texture, color and also a sweet taste to your ice cream.

Servings: 6-8 persons


1 cup of cashews (200 gr)

300 gr coconut milk

230-250 cherry jam from Materne

vanilla powder

The night before you plan making your ice cream, soak the cashews in water. Hydrating the cashews thoroughly is key for a silky, smooth ice cream. The day after, rinse well the cashews, add them to the blender and add the coconut milk and the vanilla. Blend until smooth. Pour into the mold and then add the jam, blending with a spoon through the mold, to make sure the jam was evenly distributed. Freeze it overnight.

In case you are making one of the recipes I am sharing using Materne jams, you will have the chance to win a super goodies bag. Make a pic of your food, post it on your stories/post, tag Materne/me and follow Materne.

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