Cleansing milk

During these winter days our skin needs something deeper and richer , not only when it comes to creams but also cleansers. And even if I love coconut oil as a cleanser, I love to change from time to time and make something new. When I discovered phytosterol concentrate on Aroma zone, I immediately wanted to try it. This is so rich and can be used in so many ways !
What I love especially about it, is that it works as a thicker too. Perfect to be used in creams.

This recipe is very simple. Be prepared to smile every time you will be using it.

60 gr jojoba oil
15 gr phytosterol concentrate
2 gr coeur de crème emulsifier
10 drops silk proteins
3 drops myrrh essential oil
1tl vit E
1 drop geranium essential oil

Add the phytosterol and the emulsifier in a small recipient and let it melt over a bain marie. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Let it stiff in the fridge. Enjoy it!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalia,
    This sound sooo good. I will try this one. Thank you🌞

  2. Monica says:

    Beautiful and informative as always!

  3. Otilia says:

    I already tried it and I confirm that it’s very good. Thanks Natalia.

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