Box Appetit

SSLB_Ocean_700x700Today I want to talk here about one of the most beautiful boxes I have ever had : Box Appetit. I have always been obsessed by good quality boxes. The main reason is because I use to give to my husband to work (and for me too) every day some food prepared the evening before. I want to make sure that my husband and I, we are eating healthy at work ! When I say healthy, I mean mostly plants. Using regular bpa free boxes doesn’t always keep the vegetables fresh over the night and I wasn’t always satisified about how the salad looks at lunch. Now this problem is solved and I am over the moon about these boxes.

box4There is something simple, elegant and most of all unique and functional about every Black+Blum product. The design, the colors, the material used, the aestetic, everything is a proof of good quality long lasting products and lots of studies behind to bring the best of it on the market. I can’t believe it took me so long to find such a beautiful box to bring my salads to work. Take a look at their site and try to choose the piece you love most: it’s so difficult! Everything looks so neat and perfectly made to bring us a lot of joy when not eating home. I only got a stainless steel lunch box, but I will definitely buy some other boxes to have everyone in our family well equipped when eating at school or at work. This is such a cool multi-functional box 3in1, leak-proof which comes with a stainless steel fork and a slider-divider to separate foods but also with a silicone strap.


The most beautiful thing about this small company is that they try to make this world better and sustainable with eco-friendly products. And I wouldn’t call these boxes expensive. Being used to buy other BPA-free lunch boxes (which were good as boxes but only to conserve your food at home) I would rather pay more and get the best one. If you are concerned about how fresh your food is when eating at work I find the box as essential as the food itself! If this modern society wants us to eat in front of our pc and most of the time quickly, let’s pay more attention to the food we eat AND the quality of the products we keep our food in.

With L 20cm W 15cm H 6.5cm, I find this box big enough to bring some green salads mixed with other vegetables at work. This picture was taken last Sunday when we made some falafels using our waffle machine. I really felt lucky when on Monday opening the lunch box everything looked as it was now put in the box. So – one more reason – if you want to make your colleagues jealous – go and buy a decent elegant boxappetit and make your lunch a healthy nutritive pause.


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  1. You make everything look amazing!

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