Vegan sugar free hot chocolate


The coffee, tea and hot chocolate departments have always been my favorite places in the supermarket. I was always attracted by the different choices, flavours and adds of these products. But then I (almost) stopped drinking coffee. Now I still use to stroll through these departments, only to get some inspiration for the homemade versions. Because we all love chocolate at home, the hot chocolate is something we make almost daily, sometimes even, during the weekends, twice per day. I could list here a lot of ingredients we add, depending on what we have available and on whom is the milk chocolate made for. Let’s be honest: someone who is used to his classical version of hot chocolate would appreciate less paprika powder or other exotic spices in it ! I am open to experiment and I do believe that the most delicious recipes start by changing the ingredients with what one has at hand.

To make a summary of the best hot chocolate milk recipe one can make home, I could mention those ingredients:
– cacao mass (or cacao butter+ cacao powder/ or a nut butter like almond/peanut,tahini etc+ cacao powder)
– sweetener (dates are the best ones in my opinion, but for a glycemic index coconut sugar is best)
– oats/or millet, quinoa flour or boiled rice/amaranth/quinoa (I like it more when my milk has a flour and more consisting touch)
– hemp seeds (skip it in case you are using a nut butter)
– warm/hot water

Personalize your milk according to your taste by adding:
– superfoods (lucuma, maca, carob etc)
– spices (cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, curcuma powder, vanilla etc)

My recipe:
2 serves

2-3 TbSp cacao mass (also called cacao liquor)
1TSp rolled oats
1TS carob powder (optional)
1-2 TbSp hemp seeds
2-3 dates
500 ml hot water

+ your favourite spice/superfood

Mix everything and enjoy it!

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