Turmeric latte


My ritual before going to sleep. It’s really my drug and I can hardly imagine my evening without a cup of turmeric latte from https://www.millmortar.com/

Clinically proven to improve immunity, reduce inflammation, and aid the liver in eliminating toxins and blood sugars known to harm the health of our skin!⁣  So many reasons to use it especially in the cold season. It’s best not to take it raw in your food, as it can be really harsh. Cook it by adding some water and fat. The water and the fat will bind with the turmeric for a beter delivery to the celullar system, making sure that the liver does not get overwhelmed. Add it at the beginning of cooking vegetable or grains. Because turmeric is so heating and drying , it’s good to mix with some cooling spices (like fennel/coriander) and good fat.

I have really felt on my body that turmeric latte can beat colds and strep throats without antibiotics!⁣

My way to drink it:

1 cup of hot water

2TbSp coconut cream /or coconut latte + 1TbSp coconut butter

1/3 tea spoon turmeric https://www.camellia-s.be
Cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, black peper

Mix everything well in a blender and enjoy it with some honey or coconut sugar.

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