Christmas gift guide 2019


Since making my own soaps I have become more aware of reducing waste and supporting worker’s rights but also teaching our children to grow in a healthy and sustainable world.  That’s why this year I want to share here some of my favorite from this year which would make a lovely present for your family under the Christmas tree. These are some of the things I discovered this year and which really made me happy to receive or give them away. Don’t forget: consider supporting small businesses and makers.

Liefke/ Speculoos

– Born in Holland or in Belgium, these 2 beautiful magazines are a pleasure to read and to swipe. About simplicity, eco-living, beautiful persons who made their imposibil to change their life and make this world prettier.

Black+Blum boxes

– before I discovered these boxes, I couldn‘t image taking my lunch to work. A zero-waste way of eating fresh and cheaper using a beautiful delicate box which would make your colleagues come and look at your food. Make sure you have something colourful inside, some of them may become jealous!


– a true love story. Even if I don’t have many linen cloths, I can’t imagine having friends at our table home without a linen table cloth. I can’t have enough of them: yellow, black, grey, they all bring so much beauty in home.

Handmade plates

– ceramics or wooden, having them on table it’s pure happiness.

Bio skin care products

– the most beautiful discovery this year. Once you use them, you will never want to go back to other bio products. These are unique in so many ways: freshness, ingredients, content of water, brand philosophy. Difficult to pick up a product, but this cleanser is the best one I have ever had or made.

Tiroir de Lou

– Belgian hand made jewelry which speaks delicacy and feminism.

Cookbooks – utterly obsessed with them. This year I found lots of inspirations in these beautiful books:

Six Seasons

Vegetable Literacy

What would you love to receive under your Christmas tree?

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